What Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ Current Relationship Status? (2024)

An American actor and filmmaker by the name of Jonathan Taylor Thomas. In addition to his role as Randy Taylor on Home Improvement, he has also been recognized for providing the voices of Pinocchio in the 1996 New Line Cinema film The Adventures of Pinocchio and young Simba in the 1994 Disney blockbuster The Lion King.

Since everyone is curious about Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s dating history, we figured today would be a good time to talk about it. Because of his stunning acting looks and the talent he brings to his roles, he is incredibly well-liked in both the entertainment industry and among his admirers. He has best remembered for his appearances as Randy Taylor on the hit television show Home Improvement and as young Simba in the 1994 Disney epic The Lion King.

Additionally, he performed the character of Pinocchio in the animated cartoon The Adventures of Pinocchio. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based Jonathan’s birthplace, is where he was born. While his father was working as an industrial sales manager, his mother previously served as both a personal manager and a social worker.

It was 1991 when his parents divorced. Jonathan attended Harvard University for his master’s degree and double-majored in philosophy and history there. For his third year, Thomas enrolled at St Andrews University in Scotland, which has abroad.

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For most of his life, the actor has attempted to follow a vegetarian diet, and his supporters undoubtedly appreciate the effort. After he made an appearance in Home Improvement, his career took off. The actor made appearances in numerous movies, as we already discussed. Tom and Huck and Man of the House are among his published works.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas also has a character in the movie I’ll Be Home for Christmas. Along with Walking Across Egypt, other books include Wild America, Speedway Junky, and more. We’ll now explore all the occasions the actor’s dating rumors were made public if you’re interested in learning more about his dating history.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s Past Relationships

Jonathan Taylor Thomas already has relationships with Nikki Hale (an ex) (1997–1998), Scarlett Pomers, Natalie Wright (a model) (2007), and Jessica Bowman. Jonathan Taylor Thomas was in the 1990s’ favorite teen girl crush. The actor had, however, given the impression that he had vanished off the face of the planet. He has stopped acting and withdrawn from the public for the last eight years.

Fans are speculating whether Thomas and Natalie Wright are still together after Thomas was recently spotted in Hollywood walking his dogs. Jonathan and Nikki Hale first became romantically involved in 1997. They enjoyed the ideal teenage romance anyone could have ever imagined throughout their brief relationship in the second half of the 1990s.

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However, soon after, there were reports of their breakup. As a result of Jonathan’s desire to concentrate more on his career and employment, they decided to call it quits. Jonathan, who is currently 39 years old, is unmarried. We can assume that he may be concealing his current romantic relationships, given the fact that he avoids sharing many details about himself online.

Additionally, the first relationship that the media is aware of is with Nikki Hale. He hasn’t been married before, according to what we can tell about him. We all wish Jonathan the best in his present and future lives as he approaches his 40th birthday in less than two months. The Virgo horoscope applied to the actor’s

Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Natalie Wright, are they still dating?

Taylor Thomas had a rumored girlfriend named Natalie Wright before he stepped away from the spotlight. She participated in the production of The Extra in 2006 while Thomas was serving as the director of the film. In 2007, the two supposedly became engaged; however, due to personal problems, they reportedly called it to call off in 2008.

Following their divorce, the Lion King actor decided to make his personal life more secretive. As for now, the former child star appears to be unmarried and has opted to leave the Hollywood lifestyle. The author Natalie Wright, with whom Jonathan Taylor Thomas is in a committed relationship, is neither married nor the man’s wife. In 2007, the couple became engaged.

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Natalie Wright and Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s relationship.

It is safe to assume that Jonathan Taylor Thomas had many girlfriends in the past. However, not every one of his romances received the same attention as his romance with Natalie Wright. Although no specific information has appeared online, he believed she is a model. Even some people believed Jonathan Taylor to be gay. This rumor looked to be incorrect because there was a lack of compelling proof.

However, as soon as Jonathan’s connection with Natalie Wright stepped into the spotlight, all his followers’ unanswered questions were given some breathing room. But according to rumors, they called off their engagement in 2007 because of personal problems. The Lion King actor decided to lead a more secluded life following this breakup.

From this moment forward, it appears that the former child star is unmarried and deciding to leave the Hollywood lifestyle. As with most famous people, Jonathan Taylor Thomas makes an effort to keep his private life and relationships a secret.

As such, be sure to come back frequently. They will keep this page updated with the latest dating rumors and news. He has one serious relationship, according to Jonathan Taylor Thomas. No previous engagements exist for Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Scarlett Pomers and Jonathan Taylor Thomas once shared a connection. We are still compiling information on the previous dates and connections.

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Natalie Wright’s Dating Turned To Engagement

Jonathan and Natalie exchanged vows in 2007. Wright’s dating history and how Jonathan first met her have not been made public. The bridge of marriage, or engagement, for this pair ended in the same year they became engaged. Many of his fans were stunned by the announcement, but they were also overjoyed to learn that their beloved performer had finally found love.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas has never disclosed the reason for their breakup. The author Natalie Wright, with whom Jonathan Taylor Thomas is in a committed relationship, is neither married nor the man’s wife. In 2007, the couple became engaged. Before the wedding, they had initially met while working on the 2006 film The Extra, which Wright developed the script for and Thomas directed.

Ever since the remainder of the story and they have been in love. The couple intends to get married within the following several days. According to rumors, Westlake Village, California, will be the site of Jonathan and Natalie’s wedding. The couple had lived in California before, where they were together with family and friends.

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Did ‘Reba’s’ Scarlett Pomers Date Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

One of the most elusive young actors in the industry is Scarlett Pomers, who had dated Jonathan Taylor Thomas. They both started with absolutely brilliant careers, yet they have both all but disappeared into obscurity.

The actress Scarlett Pomers, well known for her work on Star Trek: Voyager and for playing Kyra Hart in the comedy Reba, actually experienced some serious failures and wisely decided to leave the industry. Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the boyhood love of every fan of Home Improvement, apparently detested the attention that the business forced upon him.

After quitting the adored Tim Allen show, he kept increasing his wealth. It makes it clear that the fans would romantically connect the two given their shared history in the entertainment industry, their comparable ages, and the fact that they are both attractive. The reason why so many celebrity dating websites suggest Scarlett Pomers and Jonathan Taylor Thomas was once romantically involved.

However, it is somewhat puzzling given the fact that the two have rarely been spotted together. Here is all we know about Jonathan and Scarlett’s relationship, including whether or not they are still seeing each other. Scarlett Pomers and Jonathan Taylor Thomas both have hazy love pasts.

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When it comes to who they’ve had crushes on, dated, or slept with, none of them has been very open. The Affair Post claims that Scarlett and Jonathan became romantically involved after working on a movie together. Unfortunately, they have a problem with the reporting, even if this history appears to be the agreement across several websites.

Scarlett Pomers and Jonathan Taylor Thomas have never collaborated on a film or television project. It doesn’t seem like they ever crossed paths while working in the company. Reba and Home Improvement were not on the same program, so they were not even going to cross paths on networks.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas: Personal and Family Life

Stephen Weiss and Claudine Gonsalves welcomed Jonathan into the world on September 8, 1981, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His mother doubles as a social worker and personal manager, and his father manages industrial sales. Her biological uncle is the actor and dramatist Jeff Weiss.

Joel Thomas Weiss, Jonathan’s other sibling, is also named Joel. Similar to this, Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ stage name comprises his initial name, middle name, and his brother’s middle name. When he was just four years old, Jonathan’s family relocated from Pennsylvania to California.

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In West Hills, California, Jonathan attended Chaminade College Preparatory School, where he received his education and graduated with honors in 2000. In 2010, Jonathan earned his diploma from the School of General Studies at Columbia University.

He is of Portuguese and German descent. Thomas has alleged to have been romantically involved with model Natalie Wright despite rumors regarding his gender. In 2007, the couple was engaged. However, they eventually called it quits on their relationship.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas: Personal Information

Fifteen million US dollars has expected to make up Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s net worth in 2021. His previous relationship lasted for almost a year and involved Scarlett Pomers. Nearly all sources presume that he is unmarried at present because he hasn’t had any connections or affairs and hasn’t fathered any children. He hasn’t had any children with anyone else.

Previously, the actor’s hair earned him a lot of fame in the business. Individuals used to be amazed by his appearance when he performed on television and the screen because of his golden, honey-colored hair. However, the actor’s disappearance from the scene and subsequent lack of reappearance left all of his admirers feeling somewhat let down.

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After then, nobody in the entertainment business is aware of his location. His numerous notable Disney appearances and the agreements he signed throughout his formative years propelled him to popularity soon. Thomas was raised exclusively by his mother after his parents divorced in 1991. Even though he has adopted in Los Angeles, the parents moved there after the marriage ended.

It was undoubtedly a significant event in Jonathan’s life, and I imagine it was also strong. His first Hollywood roles were in The Adventures of Spot and Living Colour. The part called for participation in a sketch. That was just before he signed the contract for the nine-year job that was about to be presented to him.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas: Career

1990 marked the start of Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s career on television. On The Bradys, a 1970s television series that was rotational of The Brady Bunch, he portrayed Kevin Brady, Greg Brady’s son. Jonathan made his appearance in three episodes of the Fox comedy series In Living Color in 1991.

Jonathan has hired the same year to play Randy Taylor on the ABC sitcom Home Improvement, but he quit the show in 1998 to concentrate on his academic career. Jonathan made two appearances on the WB’s Smallville series between 2002 and 2004.

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He also had a small cameo part in the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Principles for Seeing My Young Daughter in the early 2004 season. He had an appearance in the UPN police television series in 2005. An impressive $18 million is in Jonathan’s bank account as an American actor and filmmaker. He received a six million dollar paycheck from the 1995 film Tom and Huck.

His other jobs, which include guest acting, advertising, and more, bring in a sizable income for him, and he has an incredible fortune. Thomas debuted in the second season of his third ABC sitcom, Last Man Standing, on March 22, 2013.

The twelfth edition of Last Man Standing’s fourth season aired on January 10, 2015, and Thomas once more played the lead. Throughout and after his involvement in Home Improvement, Jonathan had numerous cinematic appearances. As a child, Jonathan portrayed the lead character Simba in the Disney animated film The Lion King.

He also had other voice-acting gigs around that time. Additionally, Jonathan has appearances in live-action movies like Man of the House. I’ll Be Home for Christmas, and Tom and Huck. Thomas also appeared in America, Speedway Junky, The Adventures of Pinocchio, Wild, and Walking Across Egypt in live-action films.

What Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ Current Relationship Status? (2024)


What Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ Current Relationship Status? ›

The personality does not have a wife. He has also not shared his current relationship status. However, the actor is straight and has dated some women in the past.

Did Jonathan Taylor Thomas marry? ›

The personality does not have a wife. He has also not shared his current relationship status. However, the actor is straight and has dated some women in the past.

What is Jonathan Taylor Thomas doing today? ›

He went on to roles in the Stuart Little films, Doctor Dolittle (voicing Baby Tiger), The Little Vampire and Little Mike, and he guest-starred on Dawson's Creek, but took a break to have a normal high school experience. He's still in showbiz as an adult, starring in the 2023 Lifetime movie Secrets at the Museum.

What is the net worth of Jonathan Taylor Thompson? ›

Jonathan is popular for his appearances in films like The Lion King and Wild America, which have helped him earn a lot of wealth, and his net worth is $12 million.

Why did Jonathan Taylor Thomas change his name? ›

His stage name is derived from his real first name (Jonathan), his real middle name (Taylor), and his brother's middle name (Thomas). Attended Harvard University for two years (2000-2002), then studied abroad for his third year at St.

Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas a vegetarian? ›

He has been a vegetarian since he was four years old, and he doesn't use products that are tested on animals because he believes that it is wrong to hurt them. When Jonathan was four years old, his family moved from Bethlehem to Sacramento, California.

Why did Home Improvement end? ›

Actor Patricia Richardson, known for her leading role of Jill Taylor in the hit 1990s sitcom "Home Improvement", says the show was cancelled after she asked the makers to pay her the same remuneration as co-star Tim Allen.

Is Jonathan Taylor getting surgery? ›

Colts running back Jonathan Taylor sustained an injury to his right thumb during the Colts' 27-20 Week 12 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and will undergo surgery, head coach Shane Steichen said Wednesday.

Does Jonathan Taylor Thomas have a wife and kids? ›

The popular actor is 41 years old as of 2023. He was born in 1981. Is JTT married? No, the American entertainer has never been married.

Did Randy leave Home Improvement? ›

The heartthrob of his time, Jonathan Taylor Thomas played middle Taylor child Randy, leaving the series before its end to attend school. (To make it work on TV, his character moved to Costa Rica.) “I'd been going nonstop since I was 8 years old,” he told PEOPLE in 2013.

Does Taran Noah Smith work for Elon Musk? ›

While Smith left acting behind after the show ended, he has found success in a surprising new career. He now works for Elon Musk after creating a vegan cheese.

How much did Patricia Richardson make? ›

Richardson claims ABC offered her $1 million per episode and Allen $2 million per episode for a 25-episode ninth season.

Did Jonathan Taylor Thomas go to college? ›

His stage name is derived from his real first name (Jonathan), his real middle name (Taylor), and his brother's middle name (Thomas). Attended Harvard University for two years (2000-2002), then studied abroad for his third year at St. Andrews University in Scotland.

Did Jonathan Taylor Thomas sing in Lion King? ›

Though Home Improvement star and '90s teen heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas voiced the part of Young Simba in the 1994 animated version of the film, it was Weaver who did all the singing for the character.

How many seasons was Jonathan Taylor Thomas on Home Improvement? ›

Such play happened especially throughout the first three seasons, and it was revisited only occasionally until Jonathan Taylor Thomas left at the beginning of the eighth season.

Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas on social media? ›

Jonathan Taylor Thomas (@officialjonathantaylorthomas) • Instagram photos and videos.

What happened to Mark from Home Improvement? ›

One of the key members of the Home Improvement cast was Taran Noah Smith, who played the youngest son, Mark. While Smith left acting behind after the show ended, he has found success in a surprising new career. He now works for Elon Musk after creating a vegan cheese.


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