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Connectionsspring/summer 2014

Seattle Parks Foundation

Transforming the Cheasty Greenspace

When Mary DeJong and her husband Joel, moved to Seattle

more than a decade ago, they fell in love with their neighbor-

hood. “We knew we needed to be here,” DeJong says, stand-

ing outside her home in Rainier Valley. “We also knew that we

wanted to participate in something, and at the time we couldn’t

really name what that something was.”

That something turned out to be half a block away, just up her

street: 10 acres of forest between the Lockmore neighborhood

on Beacon Hill and Columbia City. This is the Cheasty Greens-

pace at Mountain View, whose slopes are now covered with ferns

and other young native plants. A winding footpath reveals peek-a-boo views of the Cascades

and takes hikers past benches made of cedar logs. It’s a place where DeJong and her daughter,

Anna, hike (and where Anna gets excited when she finds a slug). It’s an escape for DeJong’s two

boys, who outfit themselves with whistles and play. It’s also a destination for groups from the

nearby Boys & Girls Club and the Refugee Women’s Alliance, who participate in wilderness


But back in 2003, when it was just DeJong, her husband, and a black Labrador named Jackson,

this place looked totally different.

“It was a drape of darkness,” DeJong recalls. “We had a dog, and we thought, ‘Oh, let’s take

him into the woods.’ And it was on that first walk when we discovered, ‘Oh, this isn’t a wel-

coming place.’”

The place was thick with blackberries and curtains of English ivy. It was the site of homeless

encampments and, as DeJong later learned from authorities, sex trafficking and other criminal


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Mary DeJong at a restoration work party. Photo: Tom Reese

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The Rainier Vista housing development, which sits just down the street from DeJong’s home,

had yet to be gutted and revitalized into the mixed-use planned community that it is now.

The parcel of urban forest next door became very much “a calling,” she says.

DeJong is fueled by a set of values inspired by John Perkins, a civil rights activist who espouses

the three Rs: relocation, redistribution, and reconciliation. As an undergraduate, DeJong was

deeply inspired by his teachings; the John Perkins Center is located at Seattle Pacific University,

where DeJong attended college.

“One of his major calls is for people to relocate to places of diversity, to help be present to a

greater good. Perkins doesn’t talk about landscape or land, but this land, in some way, had

been oppressed.”

In 2007, DeJong reached out to Seattle Parks and Recreation to find out what could be done.

That led to the Green Seattle Partnership, which put her in contact with Andrea Ostrovsky,

another neighborhood resident wanting to transform the land.

The pair formed the Friends of Cheasty Greenspace at Mountain View.

“We started thinking about how we could reclaim and truly restore this land. And how we

could reimagine it as something different,” she says.

In their early days of canvassing the neighborhood for support, DeJong and Ostrovsky were met

with skepticism. “Cross-eyed looks,” DeJong recalls. Some neighbors were concerned that mak-

ing the place attractive could invite a new wave of illicit behavior. And not everyone could picture

what DeJong envisioned—not just restoration, but making

the land accessible to pedestrians in the upper part of the

neighborhood who wanted easier access to the Columbia

City Link light rail station below.

DeJong’s group secured three grants from Seattle’s Depart-

ment of Neighborhoods. They hosted work parties. They

Transforming The Cheasty Greenspace (from front page)

Cheasty Greenspace will provide a place for kids to play. Photo: Tom Reese

Cheasty volunteers taking a photo break at a work party.

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hired a landscape architect. They thought about sightlines along the trails to make them safer.

“And people started getting excited,” she says.

Twenty-foot-high hedges of blackberry came down, and people at the top of the slope suddenly

had views.

It took 7,000 volunteer hours to transform the space into what it is today. The group won the

Denny Award for Environmental Stewardship for its efforts.

Now DeJong has her hands full with a more ambitious project: restoring the remaining 34 acres

of the Cheasty Greenspace, on the east slope of Beacon Hill next to the Jefferson Park Golf

Course. This is the future home of new pedestrian trails and Beacon Bike Park, a first-of-its-

kind mountain biking project in Seattle.

“It’s about removing barriers of privilege to nature and to a sport,” DeJong says.

The Seattle Board of Park Commissioners unanimously approved the $750,000 project in

January. To win that approval, DeJong, her Steering committee, and community members

worked tirelessly to convince the parks department to change its policy that banned bikes in

green belts and natural areas.

The board agreed to make Beacon Bike Park a pilot project. It is scheduled to open in June

of 2015.

“I feel like I’m a participant in an amazing story,” DeJong says. Volunteers have already offered

almost $2 million worth of volunteer hours for forest restoration, trail building, and mainte-

nance—including the development of Beacon Bike Park. She’s hoping for even more.


: Tom



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A Park for HendrixTruth be told, Maisha Barnett is not a huge, over-the-top Jimi Hendrix fan, although she enjoys

his music.

“I didn’t grow up listening to him,” says Barnett, who is 43 years old. “My parents were not

big rock fans. I came to learn about him as a student at Garfield High School, since he was an

alumnus there.”

These days, however, the legacy of the Seattle-born music icon occupies a lot of her time.

Barnett is the project manager for Jimi Hendrix Park, which will sit on a corner behind the

Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) in Seattle’s Central District.

The site is currently part parking lot, part grassy field, and it sits adjacent to Sam

Smith Park and the I-90 Trail. After the project is completed, park visitors will

walk down a path in the shape of a giant electric guitar. “You’ll go into the frets,

and there’ll be a timeline of Jimi’s life,” Barnett says.

“There’ll also be a huge, sandblasted Jimi Hendrix signature,” she adds. “It’s big

and confident. I kind of like that because I also have a hard time staying within

the lines.”

How Barnett ended up here—a former money manager who now devotes herself

to community work—is the result of her involvement in another nearby park:

Powell Barnett Park, a k a “Grandpa’s park.”

Her grandfather was Powell S. Barnett, who worked in the coal mines of Roslyn,

Washington, as a teen and who, after moving to Seattle in 1906, dedicated himself

to a variety of civic causes. Not only did he bring whites and blacks together

through the YMCA and the USO, but Barnett was also a musician and a semi-pro

baseball player.

In 1960, the city dedicated a 4.4-acre park on Martin Luther King Jr. Way in his

honor. Powell Barnett died the following year. Maisha Barnett grew up thinking it

was not a big deal to have a park named after her grandfather. But what was a big

deal was when a group wanted to install some religious icons in the park and make

some improvements—while bypassing the parks process. The city said no.

At the time, Barnett was switching careers and completing a fundraising management program

at the University of Washington. She was looking for a project. “So I said, ‘I’ll just do Powell

Barnett Park!’ I didn’t know what I was doing. I had not done anything like that at all.” She

went on to lead an effort that raised $1.3 million to dramatically renovate the park in 2006.

“She’s a superhero. Can’t you see the cape on her?” says NAAM executive director Rosanna


Outside the museum, looking out at what will soon be Jimi Hendrix Park, Barnett says: “I can’t

wait to stand on the grounds when it’s all torn up and construction begins.”

The project breaks ground in June.

Maisha Barnett: “superhero.”

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It’s Time to Create a New Legacy Ken Bounds

As of this writing, the Seattle City Council has an unprecedented opportunity to approve a ballot

measure to establish a new parks district for Seattle. If approved by Seattle voters on August 5, the

new parks district will replace the expiring levy with long-term, sustainable funding for our parks.

That money will go toward replacing leaky roofs, old boilers, and outdated electrical and water sys-

tems. It will fund major maintenance at Woodland Park Zoo and the Seattle Aquarium and ensure

cleaner restrooms and more trash pickup all over the city. Staffing and programs will be restored at

community centers for kids and seniors. We will be able to restore forests, protect habitat, and acquire

new parks and open space to meet the increased demands of our growing population.

It’s time to pause and consider the historical context of this decision. I can think of four other

times in Seattle’s history when citizens and elected officials have taken action to drastically

shape our parks and recreation system.

The first time was in 1903, when the city council hired the Olmsted Brothers firm to create a

master plan for the city’s park system, setting in motion the development of one of the most

admired park systems in the nation. The framework and major elements of the system we enjoy

today were laid out and mostly designed by John Charles Olmsted. To this day, the Olmsted

Plan guides park acquisition, development, and design decisions.

Second, during the Works Progress Administration in the mid-1930s, the city took advantage

of federal funding to develop many of the park system’s iconic structures and buildings, from

the Ravenna Park Bridge to many of our most cherished “comfort stations.” Park trails, bridges,

buildings, playgrounds, and many other improvements of the era are easy to spot in the park

system to this day.

Third, the citizen-led Forward Thrust initiatives in 1968 significantly expanded the Olmsted

master plan by funding $475 million (in 2014 dollars) in new parks and park improvements.

Freeway Park, the Seattle Aquarium, and numerous neighborhood pocket parks were developed

with Forward Thrust funds. At around the same time, citizens approved a charter amendment

to dedicate 10 percent of certain city revenues to the Park Fund to pay for the ongoing mainte-

nance and operations of the new Forward Thrust parks. Today, one-third of the parks depart-

ment’s budget comes from charter amendment revenues.

Fourth, at the request of city officials and Seattle citizens in 1986, the state legislature changed

the “levy lid lift” law to allow Seattle to access unused property tax levy capacity with a 50 percent

vote of the people. Until then, all capital bond issues were “excess levies” and required 60 percent

voter approval. This change allowed for two subsequent community center levies and two “Parks

for All” levies that have greatly enhanced the park system over the past three decades.

It’s time to create a new legacy. For the first time in Seattle’s history, we have an opportunity

to provide a dedicated, sustainable revenue stream for parks. In fact, a parks district is the

only dedicated, sustainable funding source available to the city that can meet the park system’s

needs—as the Parks Legacy Plan Citizens’ Advisory Committee, Mayor Ed Murray, and the

city council have worked so diligently to identify. We must seize this moment and create a new

legacy for future generations.

Ken Bounds is former superintendent of Seattle Parks and Recreation, a Washington State Parks Commissioner, member of the Seattle Parks Foundation board, and chair of Seattle Parks for All.

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Over the last year, the Stim Bullitt Park Excellence Fund, made possible by a generous bequest

from one of our city’s greatest public space champions, awarded $500,000 to nine community-

led public space projects.

We applaud the vision, dedication, and generosity of community

volunteers, philanthropic partners, and public agencies who are

working together to connect our city through great public spaces.

In March, four very different park projects received support from

the Stim Bullitt Park Excellence Fund:

Jimi Hendrix Park

Located behind the Northwest African American

Museum and providing a connection along the I-90

Trail, the park will honor the iconic musician

and serve as a site for community gatherings and concerts.

Yesler Swamp Trail

The Friends of Yesler Swamp are working to build a system of trails and boardwalks

in the area adjacent to the Union Bay Natural Area. The trails will provide access to

one of Seattle’s best bird-watching sites and last remaining wetland forests.

Kubota Garden Terrace Overlook

In August, 14th- and 15th-generation stone masons

from Japan will teach and work with community mem-

bers to construct the overlook. The project, using more

than 300 tons of High Cascade Granite, will create a

viewpoint and event space in one of Seattle’s most

stunning public gardens.

Terminal 117

As a result of this award, the project to restore fish and wildlife habitat at Terminal

117—an EPA Superfund site just two blocks from the South Park neighborhood’s

commercial core—will include pathways, a boardwalk, a pier, an elevated viewing

platform, and a hand-carry boat launch.

Join the Legacy Circle

Seattle Parks Foundation established the Legacy Circle to ensure that bequests, both large and small, have a significant impact on Seattle’s public spaces. A growing group of visionary park champions who care deeply about our city have included SPF in their estate plans. We hope you’ll consider joining them.

As a Legacy Circle member, you will receive annual acknowledgement in SPF publications, invi-tations to donor events, and the tremendous gratitude of park lovers around the city. To learn more or to let us know that SPF is already in your plans, contact Betsey Curran at (206) 332-9900 x15 or [emailprotected].

What will legacy be?

Jimi Hendrix Park supporters dress the part.

UW student volunteers dig in at Yelser Swamp.

Kayakers on the Duwamish River. Photo: Tom Reese

Kids at Kubota.

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Scale hillsides!

Throw mulch! Score Love Parks gear!








Seattle Parks Foundation

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A New Vision for South Park Green Space The heavily industrial South Park neighborhood, bordered on one side by the Duwamish

River, has less park space than almost any other community in Seattle. It offers just 40 square

feet of accessible open space per resident—compared to 387 square feet per resident for Seattle

as a whole.

But as the kids from Concord Elementary School exclaimed at a recent public hearing, “We

can make anything better!”

The Port of Seattle, King County, City of Seattle, and other property owners along the river are

cleaning up contaminated sites, restoring miles of shoreline habitat, and creating new public

access on public lands. Collectively, these projects provide the opportunity to reshape and con-

nect a neighborhood through its public spaces.

Seizing this opportunity, the South Park Area Redevelopment Committee, South Park Neigh-

borhood Association, Environmental Coalition of South Seattle, Duwamish River Cleanup

Coalition, Sea Mar Community Health Centers, Seattle Parks and Recreation, Barker Land-

scape Architects, and Seattle Parks Foundation have completed an aspirational plan for a net-

work of connected green space in the South Park neighborhood, including new and improved

access to Seattle’s only river.

Through broad outreach to residents and businesses and funding from the Stim Bullitt

Park Excellence Fund, the community has identified needs, opportunities, and priorities for

improved parklands, open space, and recreational facilities in South Park. The plan offers con-

cept designs for top-priority opportunities such as a new plaza adjacent to the new South Park

Bridge, Duwamish Waterway Park, South Park Community Center, shoreline street ends, and

overall pedestrian and bicycle connectivity throughout the neighborhood.

The plan will be used by South Park community groups, civic leaders, public agencies, and SPF

to guide actions and investments over the next 5 years. Concord Elementary students at a public hearing.

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New Projects, New Partners

Cayton Corner Park

The Friends of Cayton Corner Park are creating a fully accessible park and sensory garden at

the corner of 19th Avenue and Madison Street on Capitol

Hill. This community gathering space will be a tranquil,

green oasis for an ethnically diverse, low- to moderate-

income neighborhood that includes clients of the Deaf-

Blind Service Center, Helen Keller National Center for

Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults, and the Hearing, Speech &

Deafness Center.

The Friends received neighborhood matching funds from

the city to hire J.A. Brennan and Carolyn Law to complete

a schematic design and a preliminary cost estimate for the

planned park. They are now seeking additional funds to

complete the project.

Columbia City Gateway

The Friends of Columbia City Gateway will transform a public-space eyesore in a heavily

trafficked pedestrain corridor into a signature streetscape and mini-park that will serve as an

entryway into the Columbia City neighborhood.

Located on the Seattle School District’s Columbia School property (currently home to the

Interagency Academy) along a three-block stretch of Edmunds Street (seasonal home of the

bustling Columbia City Farmer’s Market), the park will connect the light rail station to the

thriving neighborhood business

district. A new PCC grocery store

and mixed-use development are

under construction directly across

the street.

In conjunction with this project,

the Interagency Academy intends

to refurbish its community garden.

The Friends received city grant

funds to hire Johnson Sutherland

to develop a schematic plan and

are now raising funds to complete

the project.

We will make it happen!

New connections in Columbia City.

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Community Partner Fundraising Tops $1 MillionOver the past three years, SPF Community Part-

ners have raised more than $1 million to add to and

improve Seattle’s parks, trails, playgrounds, and for-

est habitat. From Bitter Lake to South Park and from

View Ridge to Golden Gardens, these extraordinary

volunteer groups have also matched their remarkable

fundraising with thousands of hours of volunteer work.

We salute their dedication, passion, and initiative. On

behalf of all residents who are beneficiaries of their

commitment, we say THANK YOU!!!

Community Partner Projects

Join us at the peak of summer abundance at Urban Farm Fling, a farm-to-table dinner benefiting the Campaign for

Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands. Experience first-

hand this vibrant gathering place that is producing healthy

food for the community while also serving as an outdoor

classroom and learning center for gardening, growing, and

stewarding our natural environment.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

4 to 8 pm

To learn more about the Campaign for Rainier Beach Urban

Farm and Wetlands or the Urban Farm Fling dinner, please

contact Betsey Curran at Seattle Parks Foundation:

(206) 332-9900 x15 or [emailprotected].

The Campaign for Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands

Come share the harvest on July 27 at Urban Farm Fling in Rainier Beach!

We’re now at 80% of our total

fundraising goal of $2.4 million

Bitter Lake Playground

Cayton Corner Park

Concord Elementary Playground

Burke Gilman Trail @ Sand Point

Columbia City Gateway

Counterbalance Park

Cheasty Greenspace

Denny Park

Golden Gardens

Jackson Park

Lewis Park

Madrona Woods

Magnolia Boulevard

North Beach Park

Junction Plaza Park

Lake Union Park Stewardship Fund

Licorice Fern

McGilvra Place Park

Melrose Promenade

Olympic Hills Greenway Park

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

Seattle Children’s Playgarden

Streissguth Garden Fund

Southwest Queen Anne Green Belt

Uptown Triangle

Volunteer Park Trust

Walking on Logs

Waterway 18

Yesler Swamp

Friends of Lewis Park.




“We have so much hope for this land.”—yalonda gill masundire, Rainier Beach community leader

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Donor Spotlight: Denis Adair

Denis Adair walks Elphie through Volunteer Park every day, rain or shine. He also

donates to Volunteer Park Trust each month in honor of Elphie.

“I rescued her when she was 5 months old in 2003, from a shelter in East Los

Angeles,” says Adair. “It was (puppy) love at first sight.”

Adair and Elphie lived in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, with a

backyard and 20 acres of open land. After they moved to Seattle’s Capitol Hill

neighborhood 7 years ago, Volunteer Park became the place for them to enjoy

nature and to seek serenity (and squirrels, for Elphie).

“I take immense pride and joy in this exquisite city park,” says Adair. “There is

an abundance of awe in Volunteer Park: the magnificent lawns and trees, owls

and hawks, the Conservatory, the Asian Art Museum, and the outdoor theater in


Like many of us who claim a favorite neighborhood park as “our park,” Adair has

found his piece of what belongs to all of us, and he is giving back. “Volunteer Park

is a magic forest that Elphie and I get to explore every day,” he says. “It makes a

beautiful and profound difference in our lives.”

Come share the harvest on July 27 at Urban Farm Fling in Rainier Beach!

Denis Adair and Elphie in volunteer Park.

Donor Spotlight: The Matsui Family

Melvin Matsui loved the outdoors and often walked

the family dog, Bailey, at Seward Park. After his

death in April 2013, at age 68, his son Kitman felt

drawn to the park, too.

“Since being outdoors is always something I associate

with our father, I spent a great deal of time walking

along Lake Washington following his death,” says

Kitman, one of Mel’s six children.

Kitman suggested to his family members that they donate a park bench in memory of Mel, and he got

in touch with SPF to set up a fund. The new bench at Seward Park faces south toward Mount Rainier.

“It seemed like a good idea to have a particular place we can call our own and, more importantly, a

place where he would enjoy being,” Kitman says.

The bench serves as a place where the Matsui family can come together for picnics and share great

memories of their father, which include fishing and camping together and going on road trips.

Mel Matsui’s sons Colin, Brent, Marc, and Kitman at the memorial bench.

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parks Legacy circLe

Recognizing extraordinary donors whose estate plans include legacy gifts to Seattle Parks Foundation

Anonymous (2)Sally BagshawKathy and Keith BieverMarjorie BoetterLynn BurstenKaren DaubertBarbara FeaseyBrian Giddens and

Steve RovigRoy HamrickPamela McCabeRick and Debbie



Anonymous ▲▲

Anonymous Mrs. Phil Duryee John Goodfellow and

Barbara Peterson, Goodfellow Fund

Jay and Mary Jayne Jones ▲

Juniper FoundationNancy Nordhoff Barbara Peterson and

John Goodfellow, The Dicky Fund

Charles and Barb Wright

Clise Properties, Inc. Pendleton and

Elisabeth Carey Miller Charitable Foundation

R.D. Merrill Company Wyncote Foundation

NW ▲


Bruce and Ann Blume ▲

Beatrice and T. William Booth ▲▲

Bullitt FoundationCharles and Eleanor

Nolan ▲David and Catherine

Skinner ▲Jerry Tone and Martha

Wyckoff ▲▲

Committee of 33 D.V. and Ida J.

McEachern Charitable Trust

HerRay! Foundation The Peach Foundation Peg and Rick Young

Foundation REI Seattle Garden Club Vulcan Inc.


Christine Cave Charley Dickey and

Sheila Wyckoff-Dickey ▲

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Jodi Green and Mike Halperin ▲

Jocelyn C. Horder Fund ▲

Heather and Jim Hughes ▲▲

Lani and Larry Johnson ▲

Garrett Kephart Ellen Look and Tony

Cavalieri Laura and Roy

Lundgren Franny and Casey

Mead Alison and Glen

Milliman John and Laurel

Nesholm ▲▲

Doug and Kathie Raff ▲▲

Maryanne Tagney and David Jones ▲

Doug and Maggie Walker ▲▲

#HowSeattleRiots Clarence E. Heller

Charitable Foundation

Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation ▲▲

Microsoft Matching Gifts

Ordinary People Foundation

PCC Natural Markets Richard Nelson Ryan

Foundation Seneca Real Estate

Group Western Washington

Honda Dealers Association

Willowmoor Foundation


Chap and Eve Alvord ▲▲

Thatcher Bailey Betty Bottler ▲▲

Dorothy Bullitt Kay Bullitt Steve and Judy

Clifford ▲▲

Deborah Clise-Kerr Kathryn Fleischer and

David Stein Jody Foster and

John Ryan ▲Brian Giddens and

Steve Rovig ▲Gretchen Hull ▲▲

Jacobi-Neumann William Ketcham

Family ▲Carol Lewis and

Tom Byers ▲Diane Lutz Carolee and Tom

Mathers ▲Pamela and Bob

McCabe ▲▲

Kyle and Katie McCoy Sheldon and Betty

Muir Tom Neir and Sally

Otten Jeannie and Bruce

Nordstrom Judy Pigott ▲

Chris and David Towne ▲▲

Karl Vennes David and Lolly

Victor ▲Laird Norton Company

LLC Seattle Children›s

Hospital TEW Foundation Wells Fargo


Molly and Marco Abbruzzese

Dana Anderson Anonymous ▲Anonymous Susan and Matthew

Arksey Ken Bounds and Linda

Gorton ▲▲

Debbi and Paul Brainerd ▲

Barbara Buchan and Elizabeth Garcia

Tim Carey and Cheryl Carey

Octavia Chambliss Barbara and James

Crutcher Family ▲▲

Betsey Curran and Jonathan King

Craig Davison and Glenn Maarse ▲

Linda Donohue Rod and Erin Downing Barbara Feasey and

Bill Bryant ▲▲

Cynthia K. Fierstein Alison and Tyler

Furtwangler Theresa Garrison Trevor and Andrea

Gilchrist Gary and Vicki Glant ▲Phyllis Gorton Joe Greear Anne and Frite

Hagedorn Kathy Harvey Gerry Johnson and

Linda Larson ▲▲

Ted and Linda Johnson ▲

Brad and Erin Kahn ▲Edie Lackland ▲Donna J. Leftwich Christina and James

Lockwood ▲Edward Marcus Kitman Matsui Anne Moore and

Melissa Anderson Pamela Myers Tom and Erin

Neubauer Harry Newman Roger Nyhus ▲Dale Pelletier Beth and Chris

Purcell ▲▲

Suzanne and Brooks Ragen

Gary and Vicki Reed ▲John E. Roberts Jon and Judy

Runstad ▲Charles P. Sitkin ▲▲

Scott Soules

Dan and Ann Streissguth ▲

Myra Tanita and Peter Young ▲

Herman Uscategui Robert Wallach Michelle Wong Rick and Debbie

Zajicek Boeing Gift Matching

Program Bosa Development

Washington Goldman, Sachs Metropolitan Market Safeco Insurance Watermark Estate

Management Services, LLC


Tom Alberg and Judi Beck ▲▲

Nancy Alvord Phoebe and Lucius

Andrew ▲Jerry Arbes and Anne

Knight ▲▲

Douglas and Mary Bayley

Deirdre and Fraser Black

Bob and Cindy Blais ▲David Bradley Tina Bullitt John Byouk Margaret Diggs Tracy Dobmeier Vasiliki Dwyer Janet Eary Ann fa*gan Virginia and Lester

Filion Katharyn Alvord

Gerlich ▲▲

Jerry V. and Gunilla Finrow ▲▲

Carole Fuller and Evan Schwab

Hope and Peter Garrett ▲

Phillip Gladfelter Eugene Gold Joan Gray and Harris

Hoffman ▲Blake and Erika

Grayson Jay and Pam Green ▲Christine Grenell Chris Gurdjian Roy Hamrick and

Stephen Carstens ▲Gayle and Donald

Harris ▲▲

Douglas and Barbara Herrington

Scott Holden ▲Sara Hoppin ▲▲

Susan Horton C. David Hughbanks


Kilroy Hughes ▲Tom and Janice

Huseby Karen Hust Barbara Huston Nancy Iannucci and

Harvey Jones Maryann Jordan and

Joe McDonnell

Doris Katagiri Pat Kennedy and

Melissa Ries Allan and Mary Kollar Richard Ladner Dean LaRue Liam Lavery and

Yazmin Mehdi Jenni and Robert

Leinbach Alice Jean and Don

Lewis Carla and Don Lewis ▲Phil and Karen

Lloyd ▲▲

Susan Maisel Louise Maison Craig McKibben and

Sarah Merner ▲Cristine Miller Lauren and Robert

Milne Dan Mohr and Hilary

Bramwell Mohr ▲John and Harriett

Morton ▲Robert and Constance

Moser Harvey Motulsky and

Lisa Norton Frank Nieder Erik and Julie

Nordstrom Mark Ostrow Anilbhai and Asha

Patel Valerie Payne ▲David Perlin and Mary

Pembroke Perlin ▲Billy Pettit Andrew Price ▲Patricia Ann and

Richard Radeke Kathy and Chris

Robertson ▲▲

Stuart and Lee Rolfe ▲▲

Evelyne Rozner and Matt Griffin ▲

William Sadleir Cathy Sarkowsky ▲Lisa and Jonathan

Schachter David Shema Ron and Eva Sher Anne and Langdon

Simons ▲Curtis and Tate Snyder Robert and Katie

Strong ▲Steve and Liann

Sundquist ▲Dan Swanson Lyn Tangen and

Richard Barbieri ▲Leigh Toner and Chris

Capossela Steven and Patricia

Trainer Todd Vogel and

Karen Hust ▲Huong Vu Eric Wechsler Laura Welland Carolyn Weston Judith A. Whetzel Tom and Lyn White ▲Steve and Mary

Wood ▲▲

Scott and Jennifer Wyatt

Ann Wyckoff ▲▲

Arthur P. Ziegler Central Market Hamrick Investment

Counsel, LLC James E and

Constance L Bell Foundation

Joshua Green Foundation

Local Independent Charities of America

Moccasin Lake Foundation ▲

Seattle FoundationStarbucks Matching

Gifts Program Teutsch Partners,

LLC ▲ Wal-Mart Foundation Washington Drug Card ZymoGenetics, Inc.


Carol Arnold Councilmember Sally

and Brad Bagshaw Bruce Bailey and Heidi

Barrett ▲Mark and Heather

Barbieri Bill and Mary Black ▲▲

Ros Bond and Jill Marsden ▲

Scott Brayton Barbara Broderick Dan Bross and Bob

Cundall Vicky Campbell Sylvia Chauvet Olivia Cianci Nancy Colbert Keelin Curran and Jack

Brummet Pete and Pat Curran

Family Karen Daubert and

Jared Smith ▲▲

Amanda Deardorff Georgeanne H.

Delahanty Barbara J. Dingfield ▲Mary and James

Dunnam Noreen and Fritz

Frink ▲Joseph and Terri

Gaffney Carmen and Carver

Gayton Eli Goldberg Carolyn Grane Kathy and Albert

Greenberg Jane Harvey and

Charles Curtis Ray Heacox and

Cynthia Huffman Richard and Betty

Hedreen ▲Carol and Will

Hodgman Christopher Hoffman Terry Holme and

Jeanne Iannucci ▲▲

Stephen Jones David Kincaid John Lang Leonard Larson Christopher and Alida

Latham ▲

Thank you! The following donors made gifts to Seattle Parks Foundation between January 1, 2013, and April 1, 2014.

5 years of giving ▲ or 10 years of giving ▲▲

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Robert Leach and Catherine Otto ▲

Carolyn Leaver Sharon Lee Peggy Lewis Valerie Lynch and

Putnam Barber ▲Rick and Anne

Matsen ▲Lyn McCracken Sanford Melzer and

Ellen Evans Terry and Cornelia

Moore Furman and Susan

Moseley Nancy Neraas and Mike

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Miller ▲Rose Miller

Amid the revelry downtown after the Seahawks Super Bowl victory on February 2, 25 glass panels in the historic pergola at Seattle’s Pioneer Park were broken. Amanda Quinn took action to make sure the structure was quickly repaired. With help from Shana Pennington-Baird and Gretchen Drew, Quinn initiated an online crowd-funding campaign and collected $16,000 from 575 donors in a single day. Complementing that nimble fundraising effort, Western Washington Honda Dealers pitched in $10,000. Restoration work is in progress, and any remaining funds after the repairs are completed will be directed to park and green space improvements and repairs around Pioneer Square.

Seattle “fans of the fans” Shana Pennington-Baird and Amanda Quinn

SPF spring newsletter - [PDF Document] (15)

Gary Mitchell Carol Monahan and

John Miller John Monk Adam Monsen Brad Moore Mike Morris Susan K. Mosborg and

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Penrod Joseph

Pentheroudakis Michael and Susan

Peskura Kate Pflaumer ▲Rachel and Gus Pineda Ilyssa Plumer Kristin E. Poinar DeAnna Poling Dinny Polson ▲Glenn and Aileen

Pruiksma Jim Rabun Charles B. Ragen Greg and Beth

Raisman David Ralph ▲Joan Reeves ▲Grace Reindel ▲Gail Resnik Don

Goldberg David Reyes Edward Rifkin Cynthia Riskin Kathleen Roan Lexie Robbins ▲Nancy Roberts Barry and Debbie

Rochefort ▲▲

Junius Rochester Virginia Rollett and

John Lidstrom Dori Rosenberg Elizabeth Rosenthal ▲Gail Ann Rossi Catherine Roth ▲Scott Rough Nita-Jo Rountree Jennifer Russell and

Read Handyside Chris and Ashley

Saleeba Len and Sharon

Salvador Monirath Saly Joan Sandler Raul Santelices John and Patricia

Savage Rachel Schad Alexander Scharff Charles Schmidt and

Joanne Shiosaki Harold Schnarre William Michael Schrier

Ronald G. Schwartz Roger Scott and

Phyllis Tibbetts Leslie Seaton Allison Seidel Tristan Shankara Tuck Shouse Frances Siciliano Arnfridur

Sigurdardottir Christian Silk Marilyn Sill Jennifer Silva and

Andrew Rezvani ▲Adams Simons Maura and Jim

Slattery ▲Enid Slivka Marilyn Smith Matthew Snyder Laura Snydsman Hugh and Joan

Sobottka ▲Linda Softing Joann and David

Sparks Ann-Marie Speirs Harry and Charlotte

Spizman Patty and Mark

Sponseller Kevin Steefa Ron and Larilyn

Stenkamp Amy and Shawn

Stewart Emily Stielstra Virginia Stout Rebecca and Fred

Strong Brian Sturkie Laurie Stusser-McNeil

and KC McNeil ▲Lucy Suzuki Amanda Sweet Christian Swenson and

Abigail Halperin Virginia Sybert Noah Tannen Margaret Thouless and

David Thouless Leah Tivoli Jerry Tonkovich Shahn Towers Nick Trienens Todd Turner Cathy Tuttle Elizabeth Tyree Tracy Van Lone David and Patricia

Vaughn Shirley and Wade

Vaughn ▲Eleazar Vega-Gonzalez Nona Voll Robert Vosper Roger Wagoner and

Kay Livingston Carolyn Walden Ed Waldock and

Melinda Jodry ▲James Walker Jeng Seng and Chin

Wang Cherie Ware-Braley

and Ronald Braley Pam Weeks and Pamm

Hanson Reitha and Russell

Weeks Bob and Jacquinot

Weisenbach Russ Welti Mary Jean Wheeler David Wiemer ▲Charles Wilkinson and

Melanie Ito ▲

Ruth Williams Steve and Suzanne

Wilson ▲▲

Richard Wiseman Elaine Wolfe-Bank Daniel Wren Janice Wu Roger Wynne and

Esther Bartfeld Mayumi Yagi and Peter

Baum Edith Younge Elizabeth Zimmerly Amazon Friends of Seattle’s

Olmsted Parks Google Inc. Matching

Gift Program Kenmore Air Harbor Macrina Bakery Paladino and Company Puget Sound Energy Regence Blueshield United Way of

Northern New Jersey

pubLic support

City of Seattle Port of Seattle Seattle Department of

Neighborhoods Seattle Department of

Transportation Seattle Parks and


in-kind support

In-Kind SupportAssociated Recreation

CouncilBerger PartnershipBruce BlumeAndy BoyerBullitt FoundationTom ByersDC Clausen and

Shannon Britton of Seattle University

Candace DamonC.R. DouglasAndrea DwyerPeter DykstraEarthCorpsEnvironmental

Coalition of South Seattle

Bill FarmerBarbara FeaseyHilary FranzThomas GoldsteinGreen Seattle

PartershipPaul HaasJoelle HammerstadDenise HarnlyMichele HassonAda HealeyHarry HoffmanTerry HolmeHeidi HughesHui Wa’a O Wakinikona

Outrigger Canoe Club

Ken JohnsenBill KellorLake City GreenwaysJan LevyJosh LipskyYalonda Gill and Peter

MasundireMOMentumMarkum McIntryreNorma Miller

Nic Morin and Barker Landscape Architects

Paul NealNeighborhood HouseTom NeirRobert NellumsPaulo Nunes-UenoCori ReadyREISAFECO InsuranceBarbara Schaad-

LamphereSea Mar Community

Health ClinicSeattle AquariumSeattle Art InstituteSeattle Neighborhood

GreenwaysSeattle Children’s

PlaygardenSeattle TilthRob SendakSeneca GroupJohn SchoettlerMicahel ShiosakiTucker ShouseCari Simson and Urban

Systems DesignLeslie SmithSouth Park Area

Revitalization Committee

South Park Neighborhood Association

Robert StrongTemple De Hirsch SinaiUptown AllianceHuong VuVulcanColleen WalshWells FargoWhole FoodsWoodland Park ZooBarbara WrightWundermanJane ZalutskyCharlie Zaragoza

Honor gifts

Seattle Parks Foundation received gifts in honor of the following between January 1, 2013 and April 1, 2014

Barbara AdamsChris ApplefordThatcher BaileySam BeharDoug BeighleMichael BerglundTina Bergman and

Barbara MahoneyMaisy BermanBill BiddleScott BrooksPeggy ChamblissJocelyn Clise HorderJim ComptonMolly ConleySunny Nicole ConnerJim CorsonRosemary CotterEmmaline CotterShane CoulterKathy CroysdillBarbee CrutcherPaul, Matt, Amy and

Nick DaytonMabry DeBuysJohn DelahantyBaby DevilleBrad Diggs

Dorothy DubsonPaige DunnBob EhrlichmanScott FiersteinCliff and Virginia

FiscusSusan FortneyGeorge and Mary

GarrisonSue GibbsSteve Giddens and

Brian RovigMarilou GoodfellowGary Keith GrenellBob and Ada HallbergGrace HavenAnne HerrmannWinky HusseyPeter HusseyNancy IannucciJim and Sarah

JacobsonLionel JobRoger W. Jones Jr.Kit KellyEmma Sand Kline and

Matthew Benson Kline

Marcia KorenReid KruckyGerald Karoly LutzEldon Michael LutzMel MatsuiBertha Mae H.

McDanielRobbie MilnBetty and Shelly MuirSydney MungerTed MyersKenneth Neil CollinsJoy NewmanBailey NiederJason and Tiffany

NolteDavid NotkinKen OhnoVanessa Page

DowningAmaiya Yae Jin ParkRavi PatelHerb PiasJody Ehrlichman

PinedaGus SchaibleAndrew SchmechelCharlotte SchmidtMichael Shiosaki and

Ed MurrayTommy SmithBobbie SmithDarlene and Jerry

StantonMildred StewartPhilip StielstraDavid SullivanTeng-Kee TanJerry ToneIan VincentJL VinikoRudy and Katie VukelicWendy WaplingerHerbert and

Annemarie WeidlichNoah WestonMary Ann WileyKevin WilhelmIsaac WinterThe 12th Man Elphie Healthy Woman

Seattle The Hillman City and

Brighton Park Community


PresidentBrad Kahn

Vice PresidentCharles Nolan

secretaryJodi Green


Jerry Tone

MeMbers at large

Ross BakerBruce BlumeKen BoundsSteve CliffordBartow FiteBrian GiddensGary GlantGerry JohnsonMaryann JordanGarrett KephartCarol LewisKyle McCoyJohn NesholmRoger NyhusPaul OwenBeth PurcellDoug Raff*Myra TanitaChris TowneDavid VictorHuong VuDoug Walker*Charlie Wright

ex-OfficiO MeMbers

Christopher Williams

Brice Maryman

ADviSORY BOARDDeirdre BlackBarbee Crutcher*Barbara Feasey*Hope GarrettC. David HughbanksGretchen HullBob RatliffeScott RedmanChris RogersStu RolfeMaggie WalkerSteve Wood

*founding board member

STAFFBecca AueThatcher BaileyBetsey CurranKelly HuangShava LawsonLee Warnecke


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u.s. postage


seattLe, Wa

permit no. 6933

Connect Seattle through public space

105 South Main Street, #235Seattle, Washington 98104


ConnectionsSeattle Parks Foundation

Kids fly free.

Parks take you places.

Leschi Park

at seattleparksfoundation.org

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