Roblox Adopt Me: Pets Trading Value List (June 2024) (2024)

Roblox is a popular platform for gamers of all kinds. The games range from RPG, horror, and action to even pet simulators. One of the most popular games on Roblox is Adopt Me! In this Roblox game, you can adopt a wide range of animals and build a collection of pets, eggs, and items. That’s not the highlight of this experience, though. Adopt Me also allows you to trade your adorable pets and eggs with other players in the game. Now you know that each pet and egg has a value attached to it, so we have compiled a list of pet trading values for all animals in Adopt Me.

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The values of the pets change depending on the market availability. We update this list every month, so bookmark this page and return to check the latest trading values for all pets in Adopt Me!

Values Last Updated on 17th June 2024

What is Pets Trading Value in Adopt Me?

For the uninitiated, Adopt Me brings a virtual currency called “Bucks,” and you can earn it by tending to a pet’s needs and in other simple ways. The trading system is another popular method to earn Bucks. Each pet’s trading value defines how much a pet or egg will cost in the game. This value is calculated based on the rarity, ranging from common to legendary, and the availability of the pets.

This pet value list below will help you understand which pet you should trade and whether the value you are offered is good. You start with starter pets, which barely have any value to begin with. That said, valuable pets in Adopt Me are divided into five categories:

  • Legendary
  • Ultra-Rare
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Common

Adopt Me: All Pets Trading Value (2024)

Legendary Pet Values

The trading value of legendary pets can go higher depending on the versions you have in the game. Check the legendary pets value list in Adopt Me below:

NameMegaNeonTrading Value
Frost Dragon9.252.81
Albino Monkey1.50.4250.12
Arctic Reindeer1.7250.5250.2
Bat Dragon24.66.42.25
Dancing Dragon0.650.1650.035
Hot Doggo1.60.30.06
Diamond Dragon0.40.090.015
Diamond Griffin0.350.0750.01
Diamond Unicorn0.4750.110.02
Diamond Lady Bug0.40.010.02
Evil Unicorn4.81.3750.5
Golden Dragon0.30.060.01
Golden Unicorn3.6014.100.85
Golden Griffin0.250.0550.008
Golden Rat0.40.090.012
Gold Walrus2.8011.400.70
Golden Lady Bug3.4013.600.85
Golden Penguin0.450.100.01
Golden King Penguin0.50.10.01
Frost Fury0.5750.1650.04
Ninja Monkey0.50.1150.0175
Robo Dog0.20.060.008
Queen Bee0.550.1250.015
Shadow Dragon226.952.45
Snow Owl0.20.0060.009
Monkey King2.90.650.19
Lavender Dragon0.50.10.02
Guardian Lion0.2750.060.008
Blazing Lion6.91.5250.375
King Bee0.30.070.012
Ice Golem0.60.130.02
Strawberry Shortcake Bat Dragon0.950.240.055

Ultra-Rare Pet Values

Like the legendary version, ultra-rare pets are also divided into Neon and Mega versions in Adopt Me. Their value can go higher depending on the version you have. Check out the ultra-rare pets value list below:

NameMegaNeonTrading Value
Albino Bat0.10.010.0025
Arctic Fox0.30.070.01
Business Monkey0.250.0550.0085
Purple Butterfly0.450.090.015
Red Squirrel0.1750.0350.006
St. Bernard0.1750.0350.0045
Toy Monkey0.2750.0650.0085
Zombie Buffalo0.50.110.0225

Rare Pet Values

Rare pets are available in Adopt Me through common, uncommon, or special events. The rarity of these events decides if the value of the Adopt Me pets you get will go higher or lower. We have mentioned the highest possible values of the Rare pets. Here are the trading values for rare pets:

NameEggEventTrading Value
BeaverRoyal Eggcommon0.035
BunnyRoyal Eggcommon0.035
ElephantSafari EggUncommon0.9
HyenaSafari EggUncommon0.6
Brown BearJungle EggUncommon0.4
RhinoJungle EggUncommon0.385
CowFarm eggUncommon0.825
PigFarm eggUncommon0.425
EmuAussie EggUncommon0.06
Australian KelpieAussie EggUncommon0.06
Woolly MammothFossil EggUncommon0.08
RatRat boxesUncommon0.05
MonkeyMonkey BoxesUncommon0.055
SwanChristmas eggChristmas Event0.3
Polar BearChristmas eggChristmas Event0.35
ReindeerChristmas eggChristmas Event0.2
Musk Ox3,500 GingerbreadWinter Holiday 2020 Roblox event 0.175
Lynx4,000 GingerbreadWinter Holiday 2020 Roblox event 0.175
OxOx BoxLunar New Year 20210.025
NarwhalOcean EggUncommon0.045
SeahorseOcean EggUncommon0.05

Uncommon Pet Values

The uncommon pets are easier to obtain in Adopt Me and are lesser in value compared to other versions. There are special events where you can get uncommon pets, and some of them can get you high trading value. We have mentioned the highest possible values of the Uncommon pets below.

NameEggEventTrading Value
Blue DogBlue eggUncommon1.325
Pink CatPink eggUncommon0.525
Chocolate LabradorRoyal eggUncommon0.03
MeerkatSafari eggUncommon0.5
Wild BoarSafari eggUncommon0.275
Black PantherJungle eggUncommon0.25
CapybaraJungle eggUncommon0.275
Silly DuckFarm eggUncommon0.25
DrakeFarm eggUncommon0.225
DingoAussie EggUncommon0.04
GlyptodonFossil eggUncommon0.07
StegosaurusFossil eggUncommon0.05
WolfChristmas eggUncommon0.09
Snowman2,000 GingerbreadWinter Holiday 2020 Roblox event0.065
Pet RockCrackedApril Fools Day0.05
Fennec FoxRoyal eggCommon0.0175

Common Pet Values

Common pets in Adopt Me have a value lesser than other categories. They are available via in-game rewards and regular events. Below is the highest possible trading value list for common pets:

NameEggEventTrading Value
BandicootAussie eggRegular0.0225
CatCracked & Pet eggRegular0.015
BuffaloCracked and pet eggRegular0.0175
ChickEaster eggEaster 20200.125
DogCracked and pet eggRegular0.015
ChickenFarm eggRegular0.18
OtterCracked and pet eggRegular0.0175
Ground SlothFossil eggRegular0.04
RobinChristmas eggChristmas 20200.05

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Starter Pets in Adopt Me

There are starter pets with lower demand and lesser values in Adopt Me. We have not listed any starter eggs or pets as you will get them in the game through basic rewards. Make sure you don’t accept starter pet trades as they have no value in the game in terms of rarity. Make sure you check the pets you have and match their value with our Adopt Me pets value list to get the most out of your trade.

Did you find your favorite pet on the high-value list? Which is your favorite pet in Adopt Me? Let us know in the comments section below. If you are looking for more roleplaying games in Roblox, we have a lengthy list linked here. Check out our regularly updated codes list of Blox Fruits or Fruit Battlegrounds if you love One Piece-themed games.

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