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​I purchased a Pro upgrade. How do I apply it to my station? Once you have purchased a Pro (or Pro+) upgrade for your account you can apply it to a specific station. 1. Select the station from the station dropdown in the top right. 2. Once the station is selec… Updated 2 years ago by Brett Lane
How do I start uploading my data to WeatherLink.com - (FAQ) Once you have installed your data collection device and downloaded the WeatherLink Computer Software, you'll need to set up uploads. Here's how to do it: On your WeatherLink.com page, click the green… Updated 5 years ago
How to update or download WeatherLink Computer Software? - (FAQ) How to Get the Software. WeatherLink Computer Software and updates are available for free download from WeatherLink.com. Here's how to download or update: Create your free WeatherLink account on Weat… Updated 5 years ago
How to Reinitialize the Data Logger? - (FAQ) There are various reasons to reinitialize your data logger. If you need to do so, here's how: Remove the batteries and power cable from your console or Envoy. Remove the data logger. Wait 10 seconds.… Updated 6 years ago
What is the difference between WeatherLink.com 1.0 “blue page” and the new WeatherLink.com 2.0? - (FAQ) WeatherLink.com 2.0 is a major upgrade of the entire site with enhanced features. We’ve elevated every aspect of the WeatherLink.com experience with all the popular features still in place. Everythin… Updated 6 years ago
How much does the new WeatherLink Mobile App cost? - (FAQ) The new WeatherLink Mobile App 2.0 are available to you for FREE. Download iOS version at Apple Store and Android version in Google Play. Updated 6 years ago
Where is the WeatherLink.com 1.0 “blue page”? Can I still access it? - (FAQ) Yes. Simply click on "Looking for old WeatherLink? click here" located under the Sign Up bar at https://weatherlink.com homepage. Updated 6 years ago
How can I view my weather station data online? - (FAQ) You can view your data online: A. in your web browser at WeatherLink.com or. B. on your smartphone in WeatherLink Mobile App. To view your data online, you first need to send the data to the Davis Cl… Updated 6 years ago
How is WeatherLink.com different from WeatherLink PC Software? - (FAQ) WeatherLink.com is a cloud-based solution, so you can access it from any internet-connected device. It has all the popular features from the WeatherLink PC Software and more are planned to be develop… Updated 6 years ago
I’m a Mac user. What setup to push data online do you recommend for me? - (FAQ) 1. WeatherLink Live (#6100). WeatherLink Live receives data from your Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue sensor suites, or from sensor transmitters. It then automatically uploads the data via Wi-Fi to the c… Updated 3 years ago
How can I view my data online if my weather station is based in an area with no internet access? - (FAQ) If your station is in a remote area with a good cellular connection, you can use Vantage Connect, a solar-powered data receiver/cellular modem using CDMA or 2G/3G technology. Learn more here. Updated 6 years ago
How much data can be stored on my Data Logger (USB, Serial, WL IP)? - (FAQ) Your Data Logger stores up to 2560 archive records (one 52-byte record per archive interval) for later transfer to your computer. The time period that is stored on your Data Logger depends on what ar… Updated 6 years ago
What does the launch of WeatherLink.com 2.0 mean for me if I have an active WeatherLink Network Annual Subscription? - (FAQ) You will be prorated for the duration of your WeatherLink Network Annual Subscription with an upgraded Pro Tier full of advanced features (Data, Chart, Mobilize). Updated 6 years ago
How can I show my data on my personal website? Do you have an API or a widget option? - (FAQ) Yes, we have many options. Current Conditions API. We have a current conditions API. Simplyregister online at WeatherLink.com. bylogging in to your account on Weatherlink.com; clicking the human (a… Updated 2 years ago
I have more than one station (sensor suite), can I register and view all my devices under one account on the new WeatherLink.com 2.0? - (FAQ) Yes. One WeatherLink account can have several devices registered. Note: Each device can be registered only under one account. Updated 6 years ago
How do I update the Firmware on my WeatherLinkIP data logger? - (FAQ) Video Instructions. Check out our YouTube video that steps you through the process of updating your firmware. Written Instructions. Download the firmware from our Firmware Support Page. Launch the We… Updated 6 years ago
Can I go back to WeatherLink.com 1.0 “blue page” if I don't like the new WeatherLink.com 2.0? - (FAQ) No... but even better...There is no reason to go back to WeatherLink.com 1.0 “blue page”. All the existing features have been upgraded and a great deal of new advanced functionality is being introdu… Updated 6 years ago by Brett Lane
I don't want my data to be online (stored in the cloud). What solutions do you have for me? - (FAQ) You can view your data locally on your console or on your computer in WeatherLink PC Software that was included in your data logger purchase. To purchase a console, click here for Vantage Pro2 Consol… Updated 6 years ago
Can I change my WeatherLink.com 2.0 username? - (FAQ) No. Once you create a username it cannot be changed. Updated 6 years ago
What is the update frequency of weather data to WeatherLink.com 2.0? WeatherLink IP and USB-or-Serial Data Logger: You can set your reading interval to 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, or 2 hours. This data is uploaded to our server every hour (Example: W… Updated 4 years ago
Can I keep my online data private and visible only to me? Yes. You can make your weather station data private and hidden from the map of WeatherLink Network (publicly-shared) weather stations by choosing the 'Private' flag in the device settings section of… Updated 6 years ago
Are WeatherLink.com 2.0 features free? Yes. Bulletin and Map features are available to you for FREE. To access Chart, Data and Mobilize features, upgrade your account to Pro Tier for only $3.95/mo by clicking ‘UPGRADE PLAN’ button in the… Updated 6 years ago
Can I use WeatherLink.com 2.0 if I have a Mac? Yes. WeatherLink.com is a website accessible via any major web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, also IE and Edge). Updated 6 years ago
I'm an Envoy8X user, can I connect to the new WeatherLink.com 2.0? No. Envoy8X was designed to communicate with a specialized data transfer utility, which is not capable of sending data to the WeatherLink Cloud. Updated 6 years ago
Can I access WeatherLink.com 2.0 before I get my weather station delivered? Yes. You can create your WeatherLink.com Account without even owning a Davis weather station and start browsing weather conditions (under the 'Map' tab) from all the WeatherLink members publicly shar… Updated 6 years ago
As an existing WeatherLinkIP user, do I need to pay for advanced features? Bulletin and Map features are available to you for FREE. You can access advanced features (Chart, Data, Mobilize) by upgrading your account to Pro Tier plan for only $3.95/mo. Simply upgrade your tie… Updated 6 years ago
How do I share my data with my family, friends or neighbors? WeatherLink.com 2.0. Option 1: Bulletin and Summary. If your weather station is set for public sharing (Device > Device Info > Weatherlink Network > Public), you can share the URL to your current con… Updated 6 years ago
Why can’t I register new devices in the WeatherLink.com 1.0 “blue page” anymore? All devices registered for the first time after the launch of the WeatherLink.com 2.0 platform will be automatically reporting to this new database and website. Updated 6 years ago by Brett Lane
My console displays "INCOMPATIBLE LOGGER". The rest of the screen is blank. What is the Problem? There were updates made to the hardware in consoles dated July 2012 and later. If you are using a new console or a recently repaired console with an older data logger, you will get an error "incompat… Updated 6 years ago
How do I communicate directly with my WeatherLinkIP data logger? It should be as simple as connecting on TCP port 22222 and sending serial commands. You do need to ensure you use a raw TCP connection with no higher level protocol. It will momentarily refuse the co… Updated 6 years ago
How many devices can I register under one account on WeatherLink.com 2.0? As many as you want. You can register unlimited amount of devices and have access to their current conditions (Bulletin). With the Pro Tier plan, you are able to access and use advanced features for… Updated 6 years ago
How do I create an account on WeatherLink.com 2.0? Simply visit https://www.weatherlink.com , type your email into the field, click 'Sign Up' button and follow the instructions. Updated 6 years ago
What features are available on WeatherLink.com 2.0? Features available to you on the new WeatherLink.com 2.0 are: Bulletin, Chart, Data, Map and Mobile A. Bulletin New Features: Wind Rose, Local Forecast, Sunrise/Sunset, Moon Phase. Key Features: Temp… Updated 6 years ago
Can I view my data on both WeatherLink.com 2.0 and the WeatherLink Mobile App 2.0 at the same time? Yes. WeatherLink.com 2.0 and the WeatherLink Mobile App 2.0 are designed to work together. Updated 6 years ago
How will I know my data was successfully migrated from the WeatherLink.com 1.0 to the new 2.0 platform? Will I be notified? We will send you an email notification when your data is about to be migrated and also when ithas been fully migrated. Updated 6 years ago by Brett Lane
Can I download my data from WeatherLink Cloud? Yes. The "Web Download" feature in your WeatherLink Computer Software allows you to download your data from the WeatherLink Cloud to your computer. Simply click on Setup > Communications Port, Select… Updated 3 years ago
Is the WeatherLink PC Software for Windows and Mac going to be updated as well? No. We will continue to support the current versions but we will no longer make any upgrades or updates. Updated 6 years ago
Can I send data from my USB-or-Serial Data Logger to WeatherLink.com 2.0? Yes. As long as your computer, WeatherLink PC Software and internet access are turned on 24/7. Updated 6 years ago
How do I share my data with Weather Underground, NOAA, GLOBE? A section in your 'Manage Devices' page called 'Uploads' allows you to choose from these 3rd-party weather sites. You just need to select those you want to upload to with the use of the checkbox and… Updated 6 years ago
How far into the past will I be able to view and chart my data on the new WeatherLink.com 2.0? On a device with Pro status you will be able to view and chart all of your historical data. Updated 6 years ago by Brett Lane
Can I still use the WeatherLink Mobile App 1.0? No. With the introduction of our new web portal, Weatherlink 2.0, it is required that you also use the new WeatherLink App available in the Google Play store and Apple App Store. Updated 6 years ago by Brett Lane
Is there a cost to share data or view others' data? Sharing your weather station's current conditionspublicly as a member of WeatherLink Network is free of charge, as is viewing current conditions from other publicly-shared stations on the map. You w… Updated 6 years ago by Brett Lane
I forgot my WeatherLink.com username and/or password. How can I get them back? To reset your password, click on the password link in ’Forgot username or password?’ section located on the sign-in page. Updated 6 years ago
I have an USB-or-Serial Data Logger and I’ve not been sharing data on WeatherLink.com 1.0, can I start using the new WeatherLink.com 2.0 and upload my historical data there from my PC? Not at this time. You canbegin to push your data to WeatherLink.com but you cannot, as of this date, upload prior historical records from your PC and Weatherlink PC software to WeatherLink.com Updated 6 years ago by Brett Lane
What is the difference between WeatherLink.com 2.0 and WeatherLink Mobile App 2.0? Both platforms allow you to view basic weather information but both also have very unique features. WeatherLink.com 2.0. Features available to you on the new WeatherLink.com are: Bulletin, Chart, Da… Updated 6 years ago
How is the WeatherLink Mobile App 2.0 different from the WeatherLink Mobile App 1.0? The WeatherLink Mobile App 2.0 has been totally redesigned with an improved layout and greater usability. An animated home screen provides an instant window on the current conditions. There is easy a… Updated 6 years ago
Is there a WeatherLinkIP firmware updater for Macs? **This firmware installer will only work on the latest Mac OS (Catalina)** The mac version of the Weatherlink IP firmware can be downloaded HERE Extract the contents of the zip file (WLIPupdater115.z… Updated 4 years ago by Brett Lane
My station is uploading current conditions but historical data is stuck and won't update. If your weatherlink data logger has stopped uploading archive records, you may need to reset your data logger. Follow the steps below to clear the data logger and archive records should start to uplo… Updated 4 years ago
My archive records are not up to date Jan 1, 2020 we discovered a bug in the WeatherLinkIP datalogger that will prevent it from keeping its time properly synched with Davis servers and cause it to stop uploading historical archive record… Updated 2 years ago by Brett Lane
Can I reset the IP address of my Weatherlink IP datalogger? Setting the IP address of the Weatherlink IP data logger to "Static" means it's limited to one specific address. When changes are made to the network, sometimes the IP data logger won't connect becau… Updated 4 years ago
Davis Instruments Support, FAQs and Troubleshooting (2024)


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