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*See listing slide 2 above❗️💃🏼My regular showsEvery Tues 746pmEST & Sat beginning 422pmEST "Like" for notices!Send 2 to participate! ‼️🙋🏼‍♀️Please send 2 before showtime to my tray, or bundle with a notation it's for Show 1 or 2For Posh Party LIVE: This lasts 2 hours ONLY!! If you aren't in the show, I have to pass you over!! If you send me items and don't appear, I may run them with the new Buy Now Feature at your current price. 📌‼️ To auction with us, you must send items in advance, see cut off times. You MUST be present if in my tray, and stay in the show! If you send me items and don't appear, I may run them with the new Buy Now.For Showcasing and Auction, pls be posh compliant. 🙋🏼‍♀️Pls be sure to submit items by the cut/off on the show cover for Sell Together Shows. 💃🏼🙋🏼‍♀️Auctions at our Live Show will be visible to the Posh Party Live audience! New way to auction to many more buyers! Special Appearance by--The Boss, new JRT Puppy!🐾🐾ALL Sales are Final






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feisty325 Bethy, you can only choose from my active listings, Im in Nj, I will tag you

Jul 18Reply

bethybd @feisty325 Thanks for reminding me and for your support, Barbara. I would love for you to come on screen again this Saturday if you are available? xo

Jul 19Reply

feisty325 @bethybd Should be ok

Jul 19Reply

bethybd @porta962 Here's my show listing. If you like, you will get notices. Thanks!

Aug 02Reply

ladyjeta @bethybd Okay for today

Aug 11Reply

bethybd @ladyjeta Hey what do u mean sweetie?

Aug 11Reply

ladyjeta @bethybd like to come to party and share Lounge too

Aug 11Reply

bethybd @ladyjeta Pls come anytime

Aug 17Reply

tonistwinkles @bethybd Hi Beth, I grabbed this show tile for the Pop Up I'm having today @ 2:22 pm CST. Hoping it brings us both some sales!

Aug 18Reply

bethybd @tonistwinkles thank you so much. Pls send items for tomorrow, if you are available for either of my shows. I'm sorry, I'm at work so can't attend your pop up today....thanks for showing my show tile!! that's so kind! I will show your show tile tomorrow too. xo

Aug 18Reply

sunnietrish I’ll be there❤️

Aug 19Reply

tanyaschmit @karly35

Aug 21Reply

tonistwinkles @bethybd Hi Bethy, I'm having a silent/voiceover Show this Thursday evening. I have your show tile in the tray already. Send 2 also if you like. Thanks. 🩵

Sep 20Reply

yourmakeupfairy @bethybd NM, I don't have PJs. Have fun ya'll.

Oct 10Reply

ladyjeta @bethybd Would love to send two items for your show, Where do I send them?

Oct 11Reply

bethybd @ladyjeta Click the bar across My page and go to the show cover. go next to the file cabinet/tray and you will see a blue plus. Click on it and add your items, hit submit, and I should get them. I'm so glad you are coming! Yay! Let me know if you have any issues. xo

Oct 11Reply

ladyjeta @bethybd I did it yay did you get them

Oct 11Reply

lynda721 @bethybd Hi Bethy. I do not have any of the Activewear Brands listed for your party tonight. Just wanted to save you some time. Happy Hosting Tonight! I know you have other parties this weekend. I am a little behind with the latest and greatest on Posh right now. Let me know if I can do anything to help. ~Lynda 💕

Oct 11Reply

bethybd @ladyjeta Yes thanks so much! See you tonight! xo

Oct 11Reply

bethybd @lhaag721 Thank you so much Lynda!! I really appreciate you looking, and sharing!! Join us tonight if your time allows...xo

Oct 11Reply

myposhpunky @bethybd hi Beth ! I don’t Think I really have anything for the pajama one lol but I think you mentioned that this coming Saturday is a boutique, pre Black Friday I am at the “ inventory “ house now until tonight 😂but will be at my place tomorrow so if you think there’s anything I should bring for that let me know and I could pop on live with you and or just do silent. Hugs !💕💕🐶🐶

Nov 14Reply

kjohnson250_ @bethybd Happy Birthday Bethy🥳

Dec 02Reply

bethybd @kjohnson250_ Thank you so much @kjohnson250_. I hope you are doing well!!! xoxo

Dec 03Reply

schoey1030 Hi Bethy! Wondering if you would like to go host with me on my live tomorrow, Wednesday around 415 pm I think I set it for? Then you can auction some 9f your Simply Southern PJs 😍. I love mine! Let me know. Thank you! @bethybd

Jan 02Reply

suzannecv HI Bethybd,good morning,How are you today?I had so much fun and a learning experience on your show. Thank you so much for having me. When would you like me to come back on?I would love to , i received some new boutique merchandise i would like to show and see your new items and be there to support your show and others. I hope you are having a beautuful morningand thankyou again

Jan 12Reply

heatherfortune9 ugh, I can't go, so don't worry about my shares... I'll get to your parties again someday!!

Apr 16Reply

bethybd @heatherfortune9 Hi Heather! I was about to add your items to my show tonight beginning at 746pmEST. Was that the one you were trying to come to? I also have 2 tomorrow bc I'm doing a Meet and greet Show after Posh Party LIVE. xo

Apr 16Reply

heatherfortune9 @bethybd yes! My life has been so crazy, I miss you guys! I need to go help out my parents, so that's why I can't make it. Tomorrow should be no problem! Same theme?

Apr 16Reply

@bethybd LIVE Tues 746pmEST Together We Posh Theme: Best Sellers Tray is OPEN (2024)


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