A Game of Gods Season 3: Frontiers (2024)

Name: Chun-Li

Age: 18

Appearance: "I'm the strongest woman in the world!"A Game of Gods Season 3: Frontiers (1)

Universe: Street Fighter Series

Personality: Chun-Li is a highly disciplined, seasoned, and courageous warrior, and is often the voice of reason. As a detective of Interpol, she takes her work very seriously, yet she also has an elegant, sweet, and feminine personality. When it comes to fighting, Chun-Li tends to get quite competitive with other fighters and does not take defeats kindly, but after her fights, she often becomes allies - and in some cases, friends. Additionally, she has shown great resilience and determination in pursuing intense rivals, such as Bison and Juri. Chun-Li is resourceful and dedicated, with a strong sense of justice. She strongly believes in protecting the innocent, yet she has no qualms with fighting.

Backstory: At the age of five, Chun-Li saw her first classical Chinese play, Peking Opera, and her first Bruce Lee movie, which fascinated her and also became part of the reasons why she started practicing martial arts.

She began by learning Tai Chi. However, Tai Chi was much different from the gorgeous movements she remembered from Peking Opera. Soon afterwards, her father taught her Hong Quan as well as various basic exercises from then on. With that, Chun-Li’s skills in Chinese martial arts improved rapidly. Chun-Li used mostly kicks when fighting. This was something she picked up from her father, who was also said to have "legendary legs." Chun-Li continued to develop her kick attacks, embracing techniques from a variety of martial arts, such as Capoeira, Chinese Martial arts, battle karate, Tae Kwon Do, thus eventually creating her own style.

Chun-Li would later become a detective at the age of eighteen in hopes of finding her missing father. She later followed in her father's footsteps and become a narcotics investigator at the I.C.P.O (International Criminal Police Organization), also known as Interpol, working as the organization's anti-Shadaloo investigator. Chun-Li was known as the "black sheep of the I.C.P.O.", as she was investigating Shadaloo for the illegal sales of narcotics and weapons when said evil organization got their hold of the high-ups of Interpol.

Chun-Li was an Interpol investigator who had been searching for clues to the recent disappearance of her father. Getting into a friendly spar with an old teacher of hers and friend of her father, Gen, he gives her a lead into who may have killed her father—the mysterious crime syndicate Shadaloo. Finding its leader, M. Bison, she demands he tell her what happened to her father. To her surprise, Bison attacks and basically makes quick work of her, then flies away, laughing at her and telling her if she attacks him again he will kill her just like he did her father. With tears in her eyes (the last she swore to ever shed), Chun-Li swore vengeance.

Since that time, Chun-Li has made it her mission to take down Shadaloo... The mission she was currently on is her investigation of Shadaloo's weapons division, S.I.N, including one of its operatives... Juri Han.

Powers/Abilities/Skills/Equipment: Chun-Li is a master of her own form of Chinese martial arts and can manipulate her own ki to power a variety of attacks and ki blasts. She is also very skilled at shooting with a gun.

Canon/Fanon: The only bit of Fanon involved in Chun-Li is that she had been involved in previous AGOG games, namely Infinities, Nemesis, and Pandemonium.

Territory/Followers: A cellphone, a figurine of Ges defeating the Fire Lord given to her by Malia, her friend Charlie Nash, and a dojo of 149 students consisting of 36 Fire Nation Folks, 36 Darcsens, 30 Fire Emblem Villagers with 9 Blessed By Mila, 22 Gothamites, 20 Firebenders, and 5 San Fransokyoans with 1 being a genius scientist including...

  • Sazesa: A haughty Firebending woman.
  • Yatsumi Ishihara: A Gothamite woman practiced in fighting with the katana who notably does not wear a Bat costume.
  • Bobbi, Kacie & Stacy: Three Gothamite women who have decided to dress like Chun-Li.

Name: Juri Han

Age: Twenties

Appearance: "Hmm... You look like you're in good shape..."A Game of Gods Season 3: Frontiers (2)

Universe: Street Fighter Series

Personality: Juri fights purely for the thrill of the battle; unlike Ryu, who seeks meaning, her drive is more vengeful and ruthless, as she likes inflicting pain on her foes, and can easily lose her temper when she is struck back in retaliation without warning. She displays several traits of a femme fatale, as she makes provocative and suggestive remarks toward her enemies, as well seen in her win quotes; she is also cunning and manipulative, and not above leaving her partners to further her own agenda. At times she appears to be brooding and depressed.

However, despite her vengeful and ruthless behavior, she still has some vague sense of honor; during her mission (in the Super Street Fighter IV OVA), she left a young boy alive despite many civilians being caught in the crossfire. Juri also appears to detest fighting children, and views Evil Ryu to be a far more abhorrent type of ruthlessness, which somewhat contradicts her opinion on other Ansatsuken users.

Backstory: Juri was a prominent practitioner of Taekwondo when she was 15. Her father was a lawyer in charge of prosecuting organized crime operations. In this capacity, Shadaloo was his next target, causing her family to be kidnapped by that very organization. During the ordeal, Juri lost her parents, and her left eye was gravely wounded. After this, she joined up with Shadaloo's weapons division, S.I.N., with one goal in mind... To destroy M. Bison in revenge, no matter the cost. During her time with S.I.N., Juri had her damaged left eye replaced with the Feng Shui Engine to make her more powerful. After this, she then field tested the Feng Shui Engine by assassinating operatives, which is when she fought against Chun-Li for the first time and won.

Powers/Abilities/Skills/Equipment: Juri is a master of the South Korean martial art of Taekwando and can manipulate her own ki to power a variety of kicks and ki blasts. Because of the Feng Shui Engine that replaced her left eye when it was damaged, she has an enhanced fighting potential with amazing speed, strength, and quicker reaction time. Without the Feng Shui Engine, Juri would not be as good as she currently is. She also has a photographic memory.

Canon/Fanon: The only bit of Fanon involved in Juri is that she had been involved in previous AGOG games, namely Nemesis and Pandemonium.

Territory/Followers: A motorcycle which she had claimed for herself, a Freeze Gun she claimed for herself, a training dummy based on Chun-Li, 10 Potions, 10 Antidotes, Juri's acquaintance Seth, the Duel Monster Silent Magician, Selina 'Catwoman' Kyle, Catwoman's cat Isis, Catwoman's personal assistant Mavis, and a dojo of 143 students consisting of 30 Fire Emblem Villagers with 8 Blessed By Mila, 30 Earth Kingdom Folks, 24 Water Tribe folks, 22 Gothamites, 12 Camoans, 10 Earthbenders, 5 Metalbenders, 5 Waterbenders, and 5 San Fransokyoans with 1 being a genius scientist including...

  • Tiva: A snarky Earthbending woman.
  • Koha: A Waterbending woman

All of Chun-Li and Juri's moves have some bit of ki channeled in them, but I will describe their Special Moves and Super Moves to the best of my ability. The difference between Special Moves and Super Moves for the purposes of this RP is that Super Moves take more ki to use than Special Moves, and thus there is a bit of a cool down period before either can use another Super Move again.

Chun-Li's Special Moves:

  • Hyakuretsukyaku: Also known as the Lightning Kick, this move allows Chun-Li to repeatedly kick an opponent at blinding speed. As for how fast it is, it is not as fast as and is more specialized than Ranma's Chestnuts Roasting Over an Open Fire, but it can also be sustained indefinitely compared to Ranma's rapid fire attack.
  • Kikoken: This move is a ball of ki that is thrown in a straight line from Chun-Li's hands.
  • Hazanshu: Also known as the Axe Kick, Chun-Li somersaults forward with one of her legs outstretched, slamming it into the ground as she lands.
  • Spinning Bird Kick: Chun-Li jumps up, feet first in the air, and does a split. She then twirls her upside-down body and attacks, with her legs like helicopter blades.

Chun-Li's Super Moves:

  • Senretsukyaku: A faster, more powerful variant of Hyakuretsukyaku, this version only lasts for a few seconds and cannot be sustained indefinitely as the Hyakuretsukyaku can be.
  • Kikosho: A more powerful variant of the Kikoken, Chun-Li holds her hand in front of her and creates a large ball of ki, which creates a wind tunnel effect and damages anyone near the ball of ki except herself. Unlike the Kikoken proper, this ball of ki remains in Chun-Li's hands for the duration of the move.

Juri's Special Moves:

  • Fuhajin: This move allows Juri to gather dark ki in her foot as she lifts it over her head and then fire a ball of dark ki from her foot when she chooses to do so. As a ki attack, this move is unusual in that it is channeled and kicked from the foot rather than channeled and thrown from the hands.
  • Shikusen: Juri suddenly swoops down towards the opponent foot-first. If she finds her opponent, she can opt to follow up with a pair of kicks called the "2nd Impact," and then choose to finish with a final kick called the "3rd Strike" which sends the foe flying away.
  • Senpusha: Also known as the Pinwheel, Juri channels dark ki in her feet and cartwheels through the air, kicking opponents within range.
  • Kasatushi: Juri taunts the opponent and if hit, she dashes to avoid the opponent's attack. This technique is ineffective against throws or projectiles.

Juri's Super Moves:

  • Fuharenjin: A variant of the Fuhajin, Juri unleashes a barrage of Fuhajin in front of her, damaging any opponent nearby hit with the barrage.
  • Feng Shui Engine: Juri's artificial left eye glows purple as she unleashes the full might of the Feng Shui Engine, allowing her to be quicker and more devastating with her attacks. However, this power up only lasts for a limited time.

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A Game of Gods Season 3: Frontiers (2024)


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